Current students

  • Anika Beer: "Massive star population in nearby galaxies" (PhD)
  • Lea Rektorschek: "Early chemical evolution of galaxies" (Bachelor) 



  • Simona Bekeraite (PhD): "The spins of galaxies" (Now gone to enjoy building stuff
  • Omar Choudhury: "Dissecting the chemical composition of galaxy disks from integrated spectroscopy"
  • Martin Mitzkus (PhD): "Spectroscopic Surface Brightness Fluctuations" 
  • Maria Haupt (Bachelor): "Gradienten in Scheibengalaxien: Signal zu Rausch Verhältnis und Auswirkung auf stellare Populationen" 
  • Maria Haupt (Master): "Stellar [α/Fe] Gradients of Elliptical Galaxies from the CALIFA Survey" 
  • Jana Hundro (Bachelor): "Excitation mechanisms of Helium emission lines in CALIFA galaxies" 
  • Oliver Rieger (Research Assistant): Movie about CALIFA cubes
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